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In-Depth Case Studies: UiPath Transforming Accounts Payable

1. Siemens AG: UiPath Accounts Payable with RPA


Siemens AG, a global industrial manufacturing giant, faced challenges in managing its high-volume, complex accounts payable processes, which were prone to delays and errors due to manual handling.

UiPath Implementation

  • Invoice Processing Automation: Siemens implemented UiPath to automate the entire invoice processing cycle. This included scanning and extracting data from invoices using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), validating invoice data against purchase orders and receipts, and handling exceptions.

  • Vendor Communication: Bots were also programmed to communicate with vendors for invoice clarifications, ensuring a seamless flow of information.

  • Payment Processing: The final step involved automating the payment authorization process, where bots matched invoices with payment terms and executed transactions.


The automation led to a 70% reduction in invoice processing time and a significant decrease in manual errors. Vendor relationships improved due to timely and accurate communications, and the payment process became more efficient.

2. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: Enhancing AP Efficiency


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines needed to optimize its accounts payable process to handle a large volume of invoices efficiently and reduce processing costs.

UiPath Implementation

  • End-to-End Invoice Management: KLM used UiPath to automate the entire lifecycle of invoice processing. This started with the automated receipt of invoices via email, followed by data extraction and validation.

  • Integration with ERP System: The RPA bots were integrated with KLM’s existing ERP system for real-time data synchronization and validation.

  • Automated Discrepancy Handling: The system was designed to automatically flag discrepancies for human intervention, while handling standard invoice processing autonomously.


This resulted in an 80% improvement in processing speed and a 60% reduction in processing costs. The automated system also enhanced data accuracy and allowed the AP team to focus on more strategic tasks.

3. The Hershey Company: Streamlining AP in the Food Industry


The Hershey Company, a leading chocolate and confectionery manufacturer, struggled with time-consuming manual AP processes, affecting its operational efficiency.

UiPath Implementation

  • Invoice Data Extraction and Validation: Hershey’s implemented UiPath to automate data extraction from invoices and validate this information against their internal systems.

  • Automated Three-Way Matching: The bots performed three-way matching, comparing invoices with purchase orders and delivery receipts, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

  • Exception Handling and Reporting: The system was set up to handle exceptions by routing them to the appropriate personnel and generating regular performance reports.


The automation resulted in a 50% reduction in invoice processing time and a significant decrease in late payments. The accuracy of the AP process improved, and the company saw a notable reduction in operational costs.


These case studies from Siemens AG, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and The Hershey Company illustrate the profound impact of UiPath's RPA technology in automating and optimizing accounts payable processes. By implementing RPA, these organizations have achieved faster processing times, cost savings, improved accuracy, and enhanced vendor relationships, showcasing the transformative potential of RPA in the financial operations of diverse industries.

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