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Want to learn about UiPath and RPA?

Here are some resources you can use to familiarize yourself with the basics of RPA and UiPath:

  1. UiPath Website: The UiPath website ( provides a wealth of information about RPA and UiPath, including introductory articles, videos, and case studies.

  2. Online Articles: You can find many articles and blog posts about RPA and UiPath on websites like Forbes, CIO, TechCrunch, and diyRPA(

  3. YouTube Videos: There are many introductory videos on RPA and UiPath available on YouTube. Search for "RPA basics" and "UiPath tutorial" to find introductory videos.

  4. Coursera: Coursera ( offers a free course on RPA and UiPath that provides a good introduction to the basics of RPA and UiPath.

  5. Udemy: Udemy ( offers many online courses on UiPath and RPA, including beginner-level courses.

  6. LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning ( also offers online courses on RPA and UiPath.

By using these resources, you can gain a basic understanding of RPA and UiPath before you start learning UiPath in-depth.

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